Bobby & Claire

So Geneva is incredible. As a woman, she exudes confidence, care, gentleness, and strength. As a vendor/photographer, she displays all of the above listed as well as creativity, incredible attention to detail, and great follow-up. After expressing interest in her as our photographer, Geneva sent us a detailed email describing her package, and that's exactly what we received! No last-minute fees or unexpected happenings. As far as the product she delivers, you will NOT be disappointed....Timely, high-quality images were delivered to us in a very user-friendly online interface! Even my new husbands' grandparents could easily scroll through the photos on their devices :) There is so much Geneva offers, and she is a wealth of knowledge about photography and design as well. If she doesn't know an answer, she will do her best to find it for you. She truly goes above and beyond. She is a delight, a friend, and a comforting presence on your wedding day - though she also is professional and does exactly what needs to be done to get the photos you've dreamed of. I cannot recommend Geneva more! If you're still unsure of your photographer, just go ahead and message her and start a conversation. You won't regret it!!!


Adrian & Rita

Our experience with Geneva could not have been better. First, she does her homework with getting to know more about the couple (us) and uses that knowledge to capture the essence of our relationship and elevate it to the next level. While we were not excited to do the engagement session because that is simply not our style, Geneva suggested it would help her understand our mannerism and shoot us in the best form. Needless to say, we were over the moon with how the photos turned out in our engagement session and could not wait to see our wedding photos. Geneva went above and beyond to exceed our expectations and was very flexible with last minute request (add another shooter a week before the wedding). Please feel free to reach out if you would like to more details of our experience.


Lauren & Jack

From our perspective, the photographer was the most important vendor on our wedding day. We spent so long researching and interviewing different photographers, and I am so glad that we made the decision to go with Geneva. On our wedding day, I literally did not notice Geneva (or her wonderful assistant, Kyle) at ALL, but they somehow were there for every memorable moment.

Even though most of our pictures weren't posed, every image we received looked intentional and just...beautiful. I'm sure there's an official photography word for that. Every time I look through our wedding photos, I honestly find new ones that I love and notice small details in them that I didn't before - her photographs are artistic, gorgeous, and unique. It was important to us to not have Cheesy Wedding Pictures, and Geneva definitely delivered. She was also somehow able to capture pictures of all the people who are important to us, without us telling her who those people were - we now have a ton of natural pictures of our closest friends. When we received our pictures, it was also clear that Geneva did a wonderful job of narrowing them down to the best images of each pose - in nearly all of our pictures, EVERYONE looks amazing. Lastly, I'm starting to make photo albums of wedding pictures for family and I really love how Geneva used a mix of vertical/horizontal pictures, which has made it very easy to format the photo album. Thanks SO MUCH to Geneva for capturing our wedding so perfectly!!!!


Nicky & Matt

Geneva is a total professional and an absolute joy to work with. She captured a million amazing moments on our wedding day without being pushy or interrupting the flow of the day. We also appreciated that she made an effort to get to know us before the wedding. Her photos are creative, thoughtful and personal. We are in love with her style and would recommend her to anyone & everyone! Not to mention, she was super responsive and sent us our photos sooner than expected! She's the best!!!


Kathrine & John

We knew from the first time we looked at Geneva's portfolio that she was the photographer for our wedding! Her style is so unique; we didn't want wedding photos that only captured the obvious. She has an eye for small details from intimate moments as well as macro images that take you back to the event, even after weeks and months (and, I'm sure, years) have gone by. I feel lucky that we got to work together. She was great about doing posed photos that our families wanted (I've never seen so many family photos where every person actually looks good!) and also was open to suggestions about going offsite for photos (to the beach on a blustery day). Geneva is thoughtful, talented (maybe even a little magical!) and creative, and thanks to her we'll remember how our wedding felt forever!