Lina (the bride) found my website and reached out to me several months back. When we got on the phone and started talking I knew immediately they were an incredible couple with an equally incredible story. Lina and Basile met and fell in love in Paris where Lina was studying French. After her study abroad came to an end, she returned to the US and the two of them continued dating long distance for several years before getting engaged and married early March. Their intimate ceremony was shared with a handful of their closest family and friends before I got the privilege of stealing away with the two of them to explore the city. We headed to the incredible Art Institute of Chicago where we were able to get photos in front of the famous Paris Street; Rainy Day painting by Gustave Caillobotte. It's significance was doubled as the two not only met in Paris, but also shared a strong passion for art. I wanted their day to feel organic and natural so I mostly tried to slip into the background and let them just be themselves: recently married and in love, exploring a beautiful city together. We also went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, a large jungle-like greenhouse where the two of them were able to escape the cold and snuggle up close as they walked through room after room of blooming flowers and green leaves. I wanted to give them time and room to walk with no agenda. 

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Location: North Avenue Beach, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Art Institute of Chicago

Florist: The Bread and Butterfly

Dress: BHLDN

Make Up: Lia Rivette

Hair: Sine Qua Non Salons

Geneva Walker